Ottoman Swords

The company, which started its business by producing several kinds of knives in a small workshop, improved itself every year and expanded its product range. Moving to its new factory in 2002, the company started to produce better quality products by renewing its products and employing an expert staff to provide better service to its customers.

The company currently manufactures in an open area of ​​2700 m2 and a closed area of ​​1000 m2. The company, which opened its own store in 2003 to promote its products, renews its store in 2020 and offers its products to its customers.

“” is a Turkish company that adopts the principle of affordable and reliable internet shopping.

History, Anatolian Seljuk Empire is the most important factor in the founding years of the 1200s and based on the production of hand tools made in Turkey since the Ottoman experience in the past to get Swords quality manufacturing principles.

“” opened in 2020; It aims to deliver handmade hunting, camping and kitchen knives Worldwide.
The main goal of Ottoman Swords and is to include local and high-quality production in the sword, archery, and ancient and medieval costume market.

We continue to manufacture swords that passed from grandfather to grandson from past to present, with the cleanest hand workmanship and our professional staff, we supply and deliver to our customers without any problems.

We manufacture all kinds of swords, archery and medieval costume products. Special Requests We Produce For You Regardless Of The Length.

You can reach us 24/7 for your special orders and wholesale products.