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Kayi Tribe Rings

Kayi Tribe Silver Ring

59$ (USD)
59$ (USD)

Kayi Tribe Rings

Kayi Tribe Silver Ring

55$ (USD)

Kayı Tribe Silver Rings

Kayı Tribe Rings have an important place in the Ottoman Rings series. It is known that the Kayı Tribe, one of the oldest tribes in Turkish history, is the second of the 24 tribes of the Oghuz Turks according to the Oguz Kagan Epic, and the Ottoman lineage comes from this Tribe.

The symbol of the Kayı tribe, like many symbols from the past, moved away from its original meaning over time and took place in handicrafts, architecture, and objects only in pleasing forms. Today, the Kayı tribe motif is a pleasing motif embroidered on men’s silver rings, but at the same time it once again displays the magnificence of Turkish history.


The two bow and arrow symbols on the Kayi tribe rings come from the traditional basic symbol of the Oghuz Turks, the “bow bow” emblem. The bow and arrow symbol was frequently used in Anatolia and Central Asia. The stamp shape of a significant part of the twenty-four Oghuz tribes was somehow related to the form of “arrow” or “bow”.


In accordance with this tradition, the Kayı tribe drew their symbol in the form of an arrow and a bow. But the emblem of the Kayi tribe, unlike other Oghuz tribes, is generally in the form of an arrow on each side and a bow with an arrow in the middle.

As Ottoman Jewelry, we are trying to offer various models for the Kayı tribe rings that we are designing, by embroidering the Kayi tribe motif on the top and sides of the rings using different techniques.

Kayi Tribe Ring Models

Although the emblem of the Kayi tribe expresses the existence of this lineage in the lands where this lineage lived, today it is only found on men’s silver ring models in the form of motifs as the symbol of the old Oghuz Turks. Although this symbol is reflected in different ways on carpets and kilims and on the old architectural works built after it has become a motif, today it is drawn in the form of an arrow on both sides and an arrow in the middle in the first known form of men’s silver rings.

However, Kayı tribe symbol, XII. century after the Anatolian Seljuk and then again in the architecture of the other Turkish states established in Anatolia, turned into motifs on furniture, carpets and kilims, while being reflected in various ways, it moved away from its original state. However, we are trying to embroider the symbol of the Kayi tribe, which has an important place in Turkish history, as a motif, on the ring models of the Kayi tribe in its most original form. Thus, for our male customers who are interested in history, we offer them the chance to carry traces of the past by designing belt-length rings.

Kayı Tribe ring models, which constitute a part of the Ottoman rings series on the Ottoman Jewelry online site, draw attention with their unique designs. As in our other ring models, we offer many options to our customers, not just one type for Kayı size ring models.

We used almost no stones when designing Kayi Tribe rings. We used red zircon stone to express the red color in the concept of the Turkish flag, which we created in only a few models. We tried to show that today’s Turks of Turkey are connected to their ancient roots by embroidering the Kayi tribe motif on the sides of the rings.

The basis of these rings is enameled rings and rings without stones. We wanted to express Turkishness by using especially blue enamel in our enameled rings. We tried to create a special design by decorating the side ends of the ring with a belt motif, which we combined with blue enamel, with motifs and patterns that integrate with the meaning and importance of this motif.

In the category of Kayı Tribe rings, there are also zihgir rings among many different models. We think that the Kayı tribe motif combined with the zihgir rings creates a different aura. Thus, we synthesized them by taking the form of a zihgir ring and embroidering the belt motif on it. Although the main theme of these rings is the Kayı tribe motif, we did not leave this motif plain and combined it with the crescent and star motif, the Seljuk double-headed eagle motif and other motifs.

Kayı Tribe Ring Prices

Kayı Tribe ring prices vary according to handwork, as in other ring models.

Various belt size rings that we offer you on our online site are made of 925 sterling silver. We design our Kayi Tribe ring models with the enamel technique that demands special and fine workmanship. The enamel technique is also important because it has come from the Ottoman period to the present day and has not lost its tradition in jewelry design, along with the difficulty of its construction. At the same time, the processing of different motifs on silver in stoneless rings is another element that makes our rings valuable.

Now, if you want to get detailed information about the ring models of the Kayi Tribe and the ring prices of the Kayi Tribe, you can visit our Ottoman Jewelry online site without wasting time, and you can also be informed about our campaigns.