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Zulfiqar Swords

Zulfikar Sword Lion Head

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Islamic Swords and Replicas

With the birth and spread of Islam, there have been very important people and characters who truly served this religion. These heroes, who wrote a heroic epic on the battlefield, with the sword models they used, made a note in history and left a legacy to today’s people. The production conditions of our company really represent a structure built on keeping Turkish and Islamic history alive. In addition, the production philosophy, which keeps the past culture alive, has supported the quality of sword models to survive.

Each of the Islamic elders had different sword models. Today, it has been possible to find the exact original of these sword models with almost the highest quality options. Together with advantageous and conscious production conditions, we have an understanding that delivers these quality sword options to you, our valued customers. Islami Kılıçlar, which has a very important place in history, provides very important convenience to our valued customers, together with a vibrant production and high-level commercial performance advantage.

Decorative and original looking options stand out with their stainless steel quality. Along with heat treatment metallic densification studies, stainless unbreakable durable steel models create a good substructure for a quality sword. The rise of Islam and the enormous impact this rise has had on people reveals itself much better with the product models we bring to the market today.