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Zihgir Thumb Rings

Elif Motif Silver Thumb Ring

55$ (USD)

Thumb & Archer Rings

Zihgir Archer Ring is a kind of ring that is worn on the thumb of the right hand during shooting and protects the knuckle from injury. Zihgir Archer rings were originally made of leather cut in the form of a ring.

Although archer rings were originally made of ivory and horn, they later gained a special shape and were made of copper, especially silver, and precious stones. The ones made for sultans who were keen on archery and hunting were made of jade and gold, and they were decorated with emeralds, rubies and diamonds.

Zihgir rings, which are one of the most important tools of archery, have turned into jewelry as a legacy of the Turks’ archery tradition and have become one of the most popular and popular men’s silver ring models.

Archery, as the ancestral art of the Turks, has gone through a great adventure until today. Although it was used for war and hunting in the past, it continues to exist as an important sport today. In addition to being an accessory with a very important functionality as part of a war weapon, in the periods when hunting was common, zihgir rings also became ornaments and adorned the hands and fingers.

After being used as ornaments, zihgir rings have been turned into indispensable accessories among men’s jewelry decorated with different precious and natural stones. Today, although it does not preserve its former functionality, it is still used as an ornament for men.

Mind rings are not randomly worn on the thumb. According to the way the bow and arrow are held and used, it has become a compulsory accessory to protect the knuckle of the thumb from injury during hunting and war. Zihgir is also a word of Persian origin, and “mind” means beam and “gir” means holding the beam, expressing its functionality.

But now, when choosing between men’s silver ring models, you can choose zihgir rings by knowing the feature and meaning of the thumb in the human body, not necessarily.


That is to say, in the story of the hands, the thumb has its own story and meaning. First, the thumb is positioned opposite the other four fingers on the hand. Due to this position, it combines with the other fingers and brings the hand to a working condition, which gives people an advantage. At the same time, the thumb represents emptiness and eternity by being a symbol of divine energy flowing independently of our subconscious patterns.
If you want to crown the thumb with such deep meanings with a thumb ring with special meanings, Diriliş Jewelry can be the right address for the most beautiful designs of zihgir ring models.

Thumb & Archer Ring Models

As Ottoman Jewelry, we have reserved a special place for Zihgir Archer ring models among the categories we have created so that our valued customers can easily find the ring models they want on our online site.

Zihgir Archer Thumb rings have been the symbol of courage and power in the archery traditions of the Turks. At the same time, it was believed that each of these rings had a different spirit and meaning.

Archer ring models, which are thumb rings that represent strength and courage, are also one of the models frequently preferred by our male customers with the value they have today.

Archer rings, which you can find on Ottonab Jewelry online site and in our stores, are carefully designed by being handcrafted. Each archer ring model we offer to our customers has a special spirit and carries a high artistic value rather than an accessory.

Archer ring models are one of the very rare ring categories we designed without using stones. We did not want the magnificence gained with the stones used in these rings to override the meaning of the ring itself. For this reason, we preferred to design the zihgir rings in the model without stones.

We designed the top and side parts of the rings in our thumb ring category, which we created from stone-free models, on a black background with motifs and patterns that have had a place in Turkish and Turkish-Islamic culture for a long time.

Göktürk Turkish script, Wolf head motif, Kayı Tribe symbol, Double Headed Eagle motif, Ottoman Tugra and Ottoman Coat of Arms motif, Crescent and Star symbol, Three crescent motifs, Atatürk silhouette, which we have embroidered on archer ring models, are symbols and symbols that have survived to this day since the Turks took the historical square to this day. It expresses Turkish culture by being one of the motifs. In addition, Elif, Elif and Vav writings, Ebced reckoning motif, and La Galibe İllallah inscription are among the thumb rings motifs, which reflect the Turkish-Islamic culture.

You can visit our website for the most suitable archer ring models that reflect your soul and add your own soul to it by personalizing the ring you like.

Thumb Ring Prices

Although we do not use stones when designing our archer ring models, every motif embroidered on 925 sterling silver is very valuable as Ottoman Jewelry is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen.

Due to the handwork used in patterns and motifs, a fixed figure cannot be determined for the prices of the zihgir ring.