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Zulfikar Sword Rings

In ancient times, men’s wearing of rings had a special meaning. In the early days when the ring began to be used as jewelry, it adorned the fingers of rulers, kings and emperors, nobles, priests and high rank holders, and had functional features, but also served as an amulet.

In the early days, the ring was a symbol of power, representing power, power and wealth of people. The size and magnificence of the ring showed how powerful its owner was. It was also believed that the ring brought luck to its owner.

As time passed, this feature of the rings disappeared and was replaced by symbols and motifs that add value to the rings that make men’s silver rings meaningful.

There are many motifs and symbols with special meanings that can be used for men’s silver ring models. These motifs attract the attention of customers not only with the deep meanings they express, but also with their aesthetic appearance on the ring.

As Ottoman Swords, in our men’s silver ring designs, we include very important and valuable motifs and symbols that have taken their place in Turkish culture and Turkish-Islamic culture from the first day the Turks took the historical square to this day.

One of the symbols that has an important place in Turkish-Islamic culture is the Sword of Zülfikar. The sword of Zülfikar was used in architecture and sanjaks in the Ottoman period, to show power, bravery, Hz. It has become the symbol of Ali. Thus, it has found a place for itself in Anatolian culture and Turkish culture.
The Zülfikar sword, which has become a symbol in this way, also adorns men’s jewelry today. Although Zülfikar Sword is used as necklace and bracelet in men’s jewelry, it is mostly preferred for men’s silver rings.

One of the things that has not changed in rings since ancient times is that they give information and messages about their owners, represent the tastes and preferences of the person wearing the ring, and express their individuality.

Today, the zülfikar sword motif adorning men’s silver rings and many other motifs and symbols express the ideology, way of thinking, taste and many features of their owners.

Zülfikar sword rings, which are included in the Islamic rings series, are the rings in which the zülfikar sword motif forms the main theme.

Zulfikar Sword Ring Models

As Ottoman Jewelry, we have prepared a special category for zülfikar sword ring models among men’s silver ring models. Now, you can easily access any product you want on our renewed site, and learn the meanings and stories of motifs and symbols while examining the models.

There are some motifs used for men’s jewelry that do not require any additional pieces or stones when they are embroidered on jewelry. Because that motif creates a design on its own with the meaning and splendor it expresses. The zülfikar sword motif, being one of the indispensable motifs for men’s silver rings, adds artistic value to the ring, which is engraved as a symbol of truth, justice, right, power and might.

For this reason, we preferred to prepare stone-free designs for the zülfikar sword ring models that we produce in limited numbers. Thus, we ensured that the zülfikar sword motif was in the foreground and drew attention without using stones.

In order to complete the design of our 925 sterling silver rings with a zülfikar sword motif, which we embroidered in three dimensions on a black background, the sides of the ring are decorated with patterns from the Ottoman period, which have a unique place in Turkish and Turkish-Islamic culture, with Ottoman Tugras and Ottoman Coat of Arms, with hand-drawn patterns, with the letter Vav. and for our customers who prefer to wear more modern models who prefer simplicity, we decorated them with a wall pattern.

Zulfikar Sword Ring Prices

Zülfikar sword ring prices vary according to the model and craftsmanship, as in other men’s silver ring categories.

Although we use the best quality silver mine as Ottoman Jewelry, we always set the prices to satisfy the customers. At the same time, we are trying to determine the figures for the price of the zülfikar sword ring in accordance with every budget.

If you want to get detailed information about Zülfikar sword rings and zülfikar sword ring prices, you can buy the zülfikar sword rings that we display on our Ottoman Swords online site and Ottoman Jewelry stores.