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Traditional Turkish Archer Set

The traditional bow is the class of bow that covers all of the bow types used in traditional archery that make up the history of archery. In history, different traditional bow types have emerged in different cultures, in different geographies, with a knowledge that is blended with the possibilities and past experiences. Traditional bow varieties are named with the country and region they belong to.

Traditional Bow Prices

Traditional bow prices may vary depending on the type of bow, the material used in its construction, the production process, the master who made the bow, that is, the violinist. Prices can vary a lot, especially for traditional springs that are handmade. Among the techniques used are the production of bioorganic or biocomposite, which is made entirely from organic lamination; There are techniques such as production with the lamination technique of wood and glass fiber, that is, fiberglass material, production with fiberglass casting or production with plastic injection.

Traditional Spring Types

Among the traditional spring types;

1- Traditional Turkish Bow
2- Traditional Ottoman Bow
3- Traditional Korean Bow
4- Traditional Crimean Crossbow
5- Traditional Scythian Bow
6- Traditional English Longbow (longbow)
7- Traditional American Bow
There are many forms with subclasses such as

Considerations When Buying Traditional Bows

There are a few points to consider when buying a traditional bow. The first of these is the publication form to be received. It is possible to come across springs produced from many different materials and techniques in our country, especially when buying a traditional Turkish Bow or traditional Ottoman Bow. After determining which type of traditional bow to buy, a bow should be selected according to the athlete’s experience in archery, his condition, age and most importantly, his purpose. Here, factors such as the stiffness, material and length of the spring come into play. It is recommended that you consult our sales representatives to assist you with an informed traditional spring purchase.

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