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İslamic Turkish Men's Silver Ring İslamic Arabic Turkish Men's silver ring is known as the most used jewelry by men in our society. Men's use of jewelry has an ancient history, dating back to the Stone Age. Men's rings are the most used in men's jewelry. Since the first rings...

İslamic Turkish Men's Silver Ring

İslamic Arabic Turkish Men's silver ring is known as the most used jewelry by men in our society. Men's use of jewelry has an ancient history, dating back to the Stone Age. Men's rings are the most used in men's jewelry. Since the first rings were primitive, they were made of bone or horn. Afterwards, with the development of culture and civilization, people started to use precious metals and natural stones in ring making. The first men's rings reflected the status, social status and power of their owners and acted as amulets. In particular, men's rings were believed to bring luck to the person they wore. Rings are one of the oldest symbols of unlimited spiritual power. Rings used to be the honor, wealth and signature of the owner. They were also ornaments and objects of great power. The first men's rings often served as seals and were used to sign documents. Later, archers began to use a wide ring on their thumbs to protect their fingers, and the rulers wore a large, natural stone, magnificent male silver ring to show their power. In one of the many myths about Promethus being the first to wear the ring, it is said that he was forced to wear this ring at the behest of Zeus. This ring was a link taken from the shackles that bound the titan. According to another myth, it is said that Prometheus wore it as a result of deciding to keep a piece of his chain, which is the symbol of rebellion and torture that he had to go through.

Zulfikar Sword Rings

In ancient times, men’s wearing of rings had a special meaning. In the early days when the ring began to be used as jewelry, it adorned the fingers of rulers, kings and emperors, nobles, priests and high rank holders, and had functional features, but also served as an amulet. In the early days, the ring was a symbol of power, representing power, power and wealth of people. The size and magnificence of the ring showed how powerful its owner was. It was also believed that the ring brought luck to its owner. As time passed, this feature of the rings disappeared and was replaced by symbols and motifs that add value to the rings that make men’s silver rings meaningful. There are many motifs and symbols with special meanings that can be used for men’s silver ring models. These motifs attract the attention of customers not only with the deep meanings they express, but also with their aesthetic appearance on the ring. As Ottoman Swords, in our men’s silver ring designs, we include very important and valuable motifs and symbols that have taken their place in Turkish culture and Turkish-Islamic culture from the first day the Turks took the historical square to this day. One of the symbols that has an important place in Turkish-Islamic culture is the Sword of Zülfikar. The sword of Zülfikar was used in architecture and sanjaks in the Ottoman period, to show power, bravery, Hz. It has become the symbol of Ali. Thus, it has found a place for itself in Anatolian culture and Turkish culture. The Zülfikar sword, which has become a symbol in this way, also adorns men’s jewelry today. Although Zülfikar Sword is used as necklace and bracelet in men’s jewelry, it is mostly preferred for men’s silver rings. One of the things that has not changed in rings since ancient times is that they give information and messages about their owners, represent the tastes and preferences of the person wearing the ring, and express their individuality. Today, the zülfikar sword motif adorning men’s silver rings and many other motifs and symbols express the ideology, way of thinking, taste and many features of their owners. Zülfikar sword rings, which are included in the Islamic rings series, are the rings in which the zülfikar sword motif forms the main theme.

Amber Stone Ring Models

Ottoman Swords online site and stores offer amber stone ring models in the men’s silver ring category, in over a hundred different colors and patterns, suitable for every style and request. Amber stone ring models prepared using fire amber, yellow moire amber, honey amber, which is the most common in nature, and drop amber are exhibited with their special and mysterious designs. Amber stone ring models are designed specifically for men, decorated with different motifs and symbols. By visiting the Ottoman Jewelry online site, you can find men’s silver ring models with 925 carat stones, engraved on the stone or with only the sides embroidered to present the nobility of the amber stone alone. Seal of Solomon ring, Ottoman Tughra, Ottoman Coat of Arms, Crescent and Star Motif, Teşkilat-ı Mahsusa motif, Gokturkish Turkish writing, Bozkurt motif and personalized ring models, decorated with special Ottoman and Seljuk motifs on the sides and with amber stones brightened with zircon stones, vary.

Kayı Tribe Silver Rings

Kayı Tribe Rings have an important place in the Ottoman Rings series. It is known that the Kayı Tribe, one of the oldest tribes in Turkish history, is the second of the 24 tribes of the Oghuz Turks according to the Oguz Kagan Epic, and the Ottoman lineage comes from this Tribe. The symbol of the Kayı tribe, like many symbols from the past, moved away from its original meaning over time and took place in handicrafts, architecture, and objects only in pleasing forms. Today, the Kayı tribe motif is a pleasing motif embroidered on men’s silver rings, but at the same time it once again displays the magnificence of Turkish history. The two bow and arrow symbols on the Kayi tribe rings come from the traditional basic symbol of the Oghuz Turks, the “bow bow” emblem. The bow and arrow symbol was frequently used in Anatolia and Central Asia. The stamp shape of a significant part of the twenty-four Oghuz tribes was somehow related to the form of “arrow” or “bow”. In accordance with this tradition, the Kayı tribe drew their symbol in the form of an arrow and a bow. But the emblem of the Kayi tribe, unlike other Oghuz tribes, is generally in the form of an arrow on each side and a bow with an arrow in the middle. As Ottoman Jewelry, we are trying to offer various models for the Kayı tribe rings that we are designing, by embroidering the Kayi tribe motif on the top and sides of the rings using different techniques

Thumb & Archer Rings

Zihgir Archer Ring is a kind of ring that is worn on the thumb of the right hand during shooting and protects the knuckle from injury. Zihgir Archer rings were originally made of leather cut in the form of a ring. Although archer rings were originally made of ivory and horn, they later gained a special shape and were made of copper, especially silver, and precious stones. The ones made for sultans who were keen on archery and hunting were made of jade and gold, and they were decorated with emeralds, rubies and diamonds. Zihgir rings, which are one of the most important tools of archery, have turned into jewelry as a legacy of the Turks’ archery tradition and have become one of the most popular and popular men’s silver ring models. Archery, as the ancestral art of the Turks, has gone through a great adventure until today. Although it was used for war and hunting in the past, it continues to exist as an important sport today. In addition to being an accessory with a very important functionality as part of a war weapon, in the periods when hunting was common, zihgir rings also became ornaments and adorned the hands and fingers. After being used as ornaments, zihgir rings have been turned into indispensable accessories among men’s jewelry decorated with different precious and natural stones. Today, although it does not preserve its former functionality, it is still used as an ornament for men. Mind rings are not randomly worn on the thumb. According to the way the bow and arrow are held and used, it has become a compulsory accessory to protect the knuckle of the thumb from injury during hunting and war. Zihgir is also a word of Persian origin, and “mind” means beam and “gir” means holding the beam, expressing its functionality. But now, when choosing between men’s silver ring models, you can choose zihgir rings by knowing the feature and meaning of the thumb in the human body, not necessarily. That is to say, in the story of the hands, the thumb has its own story and meaning. First, the thumb is positioned opposite the other four fingers on the hand. Due to this position, it combines with the other fingers and brings the hand to a working condition, which gives people an advantage. At the same time, the thumb represents emptiness and eternity by being a symbol of divine energy flowing independently of our subconscious patterns. If you want to crown the thumb with such deep meanings with a thumb ring with special meanings, Diriliş Jewelry can be the right address for the most beautiful designs of zihgir ring models. Why should men wear a silver ring? Is silver ring haram for men? Where to wear silver ring men? How to clean a silver ring?

Most Popular Men's Jewelry: Silver Men's Ring

The story of silver dates back to ancient times. Silver has been used in ring making for at least 4500 years and the place where it is said to have been used for the first time was Egypt. When silver was first introduced, it was more valuable than other precious metals. Silver is one of the noble metals due to its excellent resistance to oxidation. When jewelery first appeared, the use of men's rings made of different metals was very common. The reason for this was that men showed their power from the past through the rings. The bigger and more magnificent the ring was, the more precious metal it was made of, the stronger and richer its owner was. At the same time, men's rings were functional, playing the role of seals and determining status. Silver rings are the most used in men's jewelry. Silver men's rings made of silver mine have always been in fashion. Although civilization has developed from the past to the present, and the fashion has changed, the use of silver rings for men has always preserved its own tradition. Silver, which is mostly used by men, is used comfortably in daily life by harmonizing with everything, revealing men's styles and making them stylish. Although there were many varieties in silver men's rings in ancient times, men's wearing jewelry and especially using only wedding rings in rings stopped the tradition of men's silver rings for a while. Today, silver rings have started to be used again. Men's silver rings, which are offered in many varieties and models, are now produced in accordance with every style and every men's style is easily reflected in silver men's rings.

Men's Silver Ring Models

Although the old beliefs and values change over time, there are stereotyped men's ring models, although the variety in silver ring models increases. The men's silver ring models produced today are inspired by the remaining models since the first men's rings appeared. Namely, silver rings are produced today with natural stones, bronze ornaments or using both at the same time. Although men's jewelry, especially men's rings, are produced in many varieties today, the most used and preferred men's silver rings are ring models with natural stones. Natural stones differ in each ring and body with their properties and energy. Thus, they create their own stories in each person. Natural stone silver rings nourish their owner with good aspects and energy when chosen correctly. Amber, agate, sultanite, tiger's eye and other such natural stones make 925 sterling silver men's ring models decorated with special motifs more magnificent. At the same time, simpler and less flamboyant men's ring models with metal embroidery are among the models that can be preferred by male customers who love simplicity. Bronze inlaid silver ring models show more variety than natural stone ring models. In the bronze inlaid silver ring models, seal men's rings in accordance with the ancient tradition, archer rings known as Zıhgir, which are worn on the thumb and reveal the individuality of the person, are among the most preferred men's silver ring models. In addition, enameled rings selected with their elegance, nano pattern ring models produced with the innovations brought by technology.

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