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Ertugrul Swords

Ertugrul Sword

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The sword is a fireless weapon produced from metal or various materials, which has been used by every civilization for defense purposes and in war periods throughout history. It is considered to be the ancestor of modern fireless weapons with its sharp edges, pointed tip, piercing and cutting properties. Throughout history, every civilization maintains its value by becoming an antique sword today by producing in accordance with its own culture.

Sword History From Past to Present

When sword is mentioned, Ottoman sword types come to mind first. The Turks who migrated from Asia, with the swords they brought with them for protection, deeply affected the sword shapes found everywhere they went. With the rapid rise of the state in the following periods, the Ottoman sword greatly affected Europe. These swords are examined in different groups as hitter, piercing, cutter and thrower. These antique swords and daggers with the elegance of an ornament are extremely dangerous tools behind their slender and delicate appearance. It is known that the swords, which find their place in museums where historical artifacts are located and in the archives of collectors, were a very powerful weapon during the periods when they were used. It is normal for people living a nomadic life to always have swords with them. Considered globally, the role of the Turks who discovered iron in the production of strong and durable swords is quite great. These swords are specially produced from wrought iron with the weight collected at the ends. As soon as the sword was distorted or broken, the iron was restored to its original state. Such features of swords and knives have become the favorite of those who want to make collections. Sword is one of the buy category products, it has many options.

Sword Providing Superior Performance in Melee

While swords were generally used in battles, dagger, knife and dagger models were preferred for close combat. With its dangerous structure, the old knife types, which have been frequently used from the past to the present and have an antique value, continue to reflect their culture in the best way. Knife models, which do not compromise their sharpness even against steel and always remain intact, have been one of the tools that people often carried with them in ancient times. Especially today known as Yatağan knife, this unique knife type is one of the products that have become a collection part of today, with both careful hand workmanship and high quality production. The Yatağan knife culture and its stylish and high quality material that reveals this culture are one of the most valuable pieces for the sword collection and continues to be followed frequently. Besides their value, these types of knives are used today in everything from kitchen knives to hunting knives. Knives and swords vary in price. You can check our sword buy page to get information about the most suitable swords and their prices.

Swords Where Handwork Meets Durability

In the past, daggers with a slightly smaller size than the sword were often used because the sword was not easily carried everywhere due to its size. Over the years, double-edged wedges, which have been preferred in professional hunting, have been produced in a very durable structure. In addition to those who prefer for use, antique wedges, whose old models are kept for collection purposes and whose handle is made of leather or wood, have become one of the valuable products produced with high hand workmanship. In particular, embroidered wedges belonging to the Ottoman period can be used both for decoration in your home and as a souvenir that can be passed down from generation to generation. For example, antique wedge models with a signature and crescent and star engraving, miniature garnet stone and horn figure on the grip, crafted in the Ottoman period, are invaluable. The fact that such products are produced exclusively as in the current example, the excess of hand workmanship, their rarity in the market and all the documents of their period are proving the value of the swords you want to collect continues to increase day by day. You can examine all swords and buy swords with peace of mind.