Turkish Bows

Turkish Archery Bow Types Before buying a bow, it will be a small advantage to learn the difference between real bows and other products, and to know archery bow types. Bow embarked on a journey in the history of archery. Archery bow types have evolved over time out of necessity,...

Turkish Archery Bow Types

Before buying a bow, it will be a small advantage to learn the difference between real bows and other products, and to know archery bow types. Bow embarked on a journey in the history of archery. Archery bow types have evolved over time out of necessity, the need for effective range increase, and the advantages of technology. The professional bow, also used in sports or hunting, has undergone many changes since its first use in history. The bow used in hunting in communities living in primitive conditions, where today's civilization still has not reached, is little different from the archery history. In history, in the continents of the world that are disconnected from each other, human beings have found to make bows again, absolutely unaware of each other. They have experienced the advantage of stretching length and hardness in different trees. In the following years, composite production technology was found and it was realized that composite and unique materials are an advantageous structure. Turkish Bows is the best example of this. While there may be differences from master to master, different societies also produced springs with subtractive effects while copying something from themselves. All of these bows have formed the traditional bow class and have been a very useful tool from hunting to combat vehicles. Again in different parts of the world, self-propelled bows called 'Crossboat' by the French, 'Cross Bow' by the English, and 'Crossbow' by the easterners were also found and developed. These bows were also used as war tools and became very high-range and high-powered bows. It is a highly preferred type of bow in hunting today. Detachable springs followed the composite technology. The bows that the Westerners call 'Take Down' have taken their place as classical winged bows today, and the sports wing has played a major role in making archery today's sport-hobby-hunting tool by developing this type of bow. In the 20th century, with the transfer of technological developments to archery, the roller bow technology was invented, and it spread rapidly among archery bow types with its rapid growth. Today, reel springs are the number one choice in hunting, and they have also caused the seeds of the classic winged bow – roller spring debate among athletes.

How to Use the Bow?

Although buying a bow does not require knowing "how to use a bow", it should not be forgotten that archery is a sport that is both very enjoyable and must be done very carefully. Archer should be made aware before using a bow. . Of course, the object you send flies through the air at a terrific speed and hits its target with varying hardness. This is an effective action. Our advice to first-time shooters is not to be afraid of archery. Just as a primitive native sends an arrow, you put the arrow on the beam, stretch it badly and let the arrow go. !Making mistakes is essential to being a good archer. No matter what, strictly follow the safety and security measures and give importance to your personal development, archery training. Online lessons, videos, archery books are resources that everyone can easily access. In short, the question of how to use the bow can be answered as follows: The bow is kept free from the body, the arrow is placed on the beam, the beam is stretched and the arrow is released. This is how both the first beginner and the best athlete do it, but technique and safety come with training. Take care of your personal and environmental safety, too. Before doing archery, make sure to practice warm-up exercises.

Bow Prices

Even if your budget allows when purchasing a bow, it is not necessary to go directly to a professional bow. Even if you have a bow and an arrow first, that's enough. Real springs, springs with wooden handles and detachable parts, are available as adult and child starter or hobby springs. Spring prices vary according to your purpose, the material and quality of the spring, and the workmanship, if any. However, starter springs are generally the most affordable.

What Should Be Considered When Buying a Bow?

When buying a bow, first of all, the person should know his purpose and convey it. For hobby purposes, the starter bow should never be too stiff. We advise you not to make a bad decision that could cause injury, equipment damage, or damage to the environment. It will be beneficial for you to follow the directions of our sales consultants on our Whatsapp support line while taking a bow. No matter what archery bow type you are interested in, your arm length (which is a measure of how far you can stretch the bow), your weight (which makes an ideal idea for the stiffness of the bow) and your age have an impact. After your first bow, you can see your purpose better and move forward with a clearer desire when switching to a second bow: Being an athlete, shooting hobby or hunting. Of course, there will be intersection points of these three sets. Archer bow complement each other. If you are interested in archery, buy a bow today and start this sport. Get support from our sales consultants.

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