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How to Care and Maintenance Swords?

by admin 15 Dec 2020

Sword, as well as valuable historical sense as both decorative and also bring home a nice ambience to your work environment.

You can buy artificial leather or goatskin embroidered brass scabbards and your swords from our site or you can buy them with decorative fasteners.
Scabbards are also useful accessories in terms of cleaning.
The process doesn't end just by buying swords. You can use your swords for many years by maintaining and cleaning your sword. For this, it is important to use cleansing and protective oil. These oils, which are specially produced according to the type of your steel, not only keep it brighter but also protect it from factors that will accelerate its aging.

What Does a Good Sword Look Like?

A good sword will show itself in the long run, but there are some things you need to pay attention to in order to understand this at the first stage.
One of the first things you should check is its hardness and then its flexibility.
A good balance of weight between the handle and the sharp part should also be maintained during the grip phase.
This will allow you to have a balanced grip.
Even if it is used as an ornament, it should be paid attention to have a quality and good workmanship.

We Offer Different Types Of Swords

We can say that swords, which have been used since ancient times, have a more meaningful place today. If you are a person with special taste, one of the dozens of sword types on our site will convince you. The handle part, which is one of the important points, is made of specific materials such as white or black bone, wood and horn. At the same time, care is taken to have an aesthetic appearance. In its sub-categories, you can see Dirili Ertugrul Sword, Fatih Sultan Sword, Zülfikar Imam Ali Sword, Turkish Sword, Yalmanli Sword, Yatağan Sword and Katana / Samurai swords and you can buy them safely from our online store.

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