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What is Damascus Steel?

by admin 02 Dec 2020

What is Damascus?

Damascus steel is a type of steel alloy that is ductile and strong, preferred for sword and knife making. The emergence of this steel took place in the Middle East between 900 and 1300. Then the reason why this steel's construction knowledge disappeared is not fully understood.

Europeans first encountered Damascus steel during their crusade and were frozen by this legendary quality.

With a sword made of this steel, it is possible to cut the silk handkerchief in half in the air, it will not lose its sharpness even if it cuts other swords, even the stone. It is extremely flexible and does not break with bending and bending. It can easily cut and pierce steel armor. In addition to this durability and perfection, another feature was the enormous pattern of steel, the pattern of each sword was different. The master who found each pattern gave a name to his pattern. This pattern names: Turkish fold, raindrop, Hz. Like Mohammed's socks.

Although it does not have a historical realism, today it is manufactured in many types as patterned forged steel damascus. Different types of iron and steel plates are put on top of each other, heated and forged and turned into a steel bar, after the folding and buckling process until the patterns are fully formed, the steel is shaped like a sword or a knife. Patterns are created by applying acid after sharpening.

Another method is mokume-gane method making damascus. Soft metals such as gold, silver, and copper were used here, and ornaments such as hand protectors of samurai swords, knife covers, rings, bracelets were made, and this type of alloy was called mokume-gane, meaning the eye of the forest, because the patterns resembled a tree pattern. This art is unique to Japan.

Some old hunting rifle barrels were also made by forging and welding from forged steel wires, and they were called damascus barreled rifles.

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