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Topkapi Dagger

by admin 16 Mar 2023

Topkapi Dagger

While the length of the dagger is 55 cm, the emeralds on it are decorated with diamonds.

Another name of the dagger, known as "Timed Dagger", "4 Emerald Dagger" or "Topkapi Dagger", is "Nadir Shah's Dagger".
The Topkapı Dagger, which is considered the most valuable dagger in the world, was started to be made in 1741 by the order of Mahmud I, to be given as a gift to the Iranian Shah Nadir Shah, who was a Turk of Afshar.

When the dagger was ready, the embassy delegation, which set out to take the gift to Baghdad, returned to Istanbul due to the death of Nadir Shah in the uprising that started in Baghdad and delivered the dagger to the palace treasury.

There are three emerald stones of 30-40 mm on the handle of the dagger. The cover has jewels cut around the emerald and inside there is a watch. The scabbard of the dagger is decorated with gold glaze and the basket part is decorated with embossed fruit enamel.

Topkapı Dagger is a very important work that proves how skillful the jewelery masters living in the Ottoman period were.
Jewels cut around the emerald on the lid, and the Dagger's scabbard with a watch inside are decorated with gold glazes and stylized slightly embossed fruit enamels in the basket.

The Topkapi Dagger, which attracts the attention of the world today with its unique beauty and dazzling shine, is exhibited in the Treasury Department of Topkapi Palace and is one of the most valuable pieces of the palace.

Attracting the world's attention with its unique beauty and dazzling shine, the Topkapı Dagger is exhibited in the Treasury Department and is among the most valuable pieces of the palace.

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