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Stefan Cel Mare Sword

by admin 28 Sep 2022

Where is Stephan Cel Mare Sword ?

Stephan the Great's Sword, 15th century, Sword is on display at the Armors and Weapons Section in Topkapı Palace Museum

Stefan Cel Mare Sword

Mehmed the Conqueror Brought the Sword

In 1456, Fatih Sultan Mehmet taxed Moldavia in exchange for 2 thousand gold coins. The 3rd Stefan Çel Mare, on the other hand, opposed the tax that the Ottomans took from him by taking the captive Genoese who fled to Baghdad after the Ottomans took Kefe under his protection. In 1475, Stefan defeated Eunuch Süleyman Pasha. This victory is so exaggerated in the Christian world that the Pope gives Stefan the title of "The Wrestler of the Prophet Jesus". Later, Stefan is referred to as a Saint because he added Moldavia and Transylvania to Romania. But Fatih Sultan Mehmet defeated Stefan in 1476 and brought the sword to Istanbul.

Stephan Cel Mare Swords

Silver Handle, Length 125 CM

Stefan Cel Mare Sword is 125 inches long. The hilt is coiled with silver wire and the crest is round. It says "Stefan Çel Mare" in Latin around it. The sword, whose base has 4 grooves, has been preserved in Topkapi Palace for 400 years.

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