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Zulfiqar Meaning

by admin 08 Sep 2022

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Zulfiqar?

In the dictionary, zülfekār, which is composed of the words zû, which means "owner", and fekār, which means "spine, knuckle". It is the name of Ali's double-edged sword with a fluted middle. The word has passed into Turkish as zülfikar. Hz. While the Prophet was dividing the spoils captured in the Battle of Badr among the participants in the war, he had reserved a knotted sword, which was stated to be seven spans in length and one span in width (Ya'kūbî, II, 88). It is rumored that the zülfikar, which has a silver hilt, a ring in its vineyard, and a silver ornamental mace in the middle, was made by a swordsman named Merzûk es-Sakīl. Münebbih b. Haccâc or Nebîh b. Although it is mentioned that it belongs to Hajjaj (Belâzürî, I, 144-145), according to the generally accepted view, the sword is As b. It belongs to Münebbih. Since the person who killed him is unknown, he was included in the general spoils (ibid., I, 145, 294, 521). The name of the sword Zülfikar was probably given after it was captured because of its grooved and sharpness on both sides. The Messenger of Allah, Hz. He used it himself until he gave it to Ali.

zulfikar sword

La Fata illa Ali La Faif İlla Zulfiqar Meaning

The zülfikar of the Messenger of Allah, Hz. It is not known exactly when he gifted it to Ali, it is generally accepted that he gave it in the Battle of Uhud, and it is claimed that he was chanted "Lâ fetâ illâ Ali, lâ seyfe illa zülfiqar" (There is no other valiant sword other than Ali, no sword other than Zülfikar). is being driven. There are different opinions on this matter. For example, according to a narration conveyed by Waqidi, the Messenger of Allah, in the Jamaziyelahir of the year 6 (October-November 627), met Zayd b. Hz. He commissioned Ali, and when Ali expressed his hesitation about whether Zayd would obey him or not, Hz. The Prophet gave his sword (zülfikar) to him as a sign that he was assigned by him (al-Meġāzî, II, 559). After the death of the Messenger of Allah, Abbas b. Abdulmuttalib asked Caliph Abu Bakr whether the uncle or the uncle came first in terms of inheritance, and when he received the answer that the uncle came first, this time the Messenger of Allah's mount was widowed, and he wanted to find out why Zülfikar, his armor and sword, passed to Ali. Abbas gave up this request when he said that he saw what he saw in the hand of the Prophet and that it would not be appropriate to take the sword from him.

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