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What does the tradition of khutbah with swords mean?

by admin 14 May 2021

Historians, President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. He evaluated Ali Erbaş going up to the pulpit with a sword to read the sermon.

According to a rumor, Kazıcı stated that the Caliph Umar followed this tradition and said, "After the Muslim states conquered a city by war, they would give sermons to the greatest parts of the area. The tradition of khutbah with sword means that the area was conquered by war.

In the Ottoman Empire, there was a tradition of khutbah with a sword.

During the Ottoman period, the enthronement ceremonies of the sultans were held on Friday and the sultans would read the first sermon with the sword.

"This is a tradition belonging to all rulers. It does not have any religious features, but it is a reminder as a tradition. President of Religious Affairs Professor. Doctor. Ali Erbaş went to the first Friday sermon in Hagia Sophia with a sword. The message given here." ; It is an expression that Hagia Sophia was converted into a mosque and a message to the conquest. The transformation of Hagia Sophia into a mosque is an important development not only for Turkey but also for the whole Islamic world. "

In Islamic law, if a place in the war was taken over by agreement, that place would not be turned into a mosque.

"The sword is right because Hagia Sophia was conquered by fighting"

The places that were taken by fighting were treated as the embezzlement of the state "Fatih Sultan Mehmet can count a place he wishes as 'this is my sword right' and make his own property because he conquered Istanbul by fighting. Fatih Sultan Mehmet said 'my right to sword' for Hagia Sophia.

While Istanbul was conquered, war was fought from Karagümrük to Beyazıt.

"The Ottoman Empire fought these places and took street by street. Therefore, they turned all the churches around Karagümrük and Beyazıt into mosques. The existing churches in Balat are those that were built during the Ottoman period. There are dozens of churches from Kocamustafapaşa to Kumkapı. None of these are mosques. Because these regions surrendered without a fight and they gave their keys. You cannot confiscate the churches in this region legally. The sword is right because Hagia Sophia was taken by fighting. Therefore, the Friday sermon is made with the sword. "

He used a sword in accordance with Ottoman customs

Head of Religious Affairs Professor. Doctor. He went to the sermon with the sword at the Friday prayer of Ali Erbaş's opening of Hagia Sophia Mosque, 86 years later. "The President of Religious Affairs, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han used a sword in accordance with Islamic law and Ottoman customs because the right to sword was given in a mosque, and he continued the tradition with the sword. saying, it shows the weapon and power used while conquering there.

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