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Who is Sultan Alparslan? Life of Sultan Alparslan!

by admin 22 Aug 2021

Sultan Alparslan, the ruler of the Great Seljuk State, who defeated the Byzantine army in Manzikert and opened the gates of Anatolia to the Turks in 1071, stands out with his heroism, foresight and superior war strategies besides his statesmanship. So, who is Sultan Alparslan? Here is the life of Sultan Alparslan…

Sultan Muhammed Alparslan, who was born from the last wife of the Khorasan Sultan Çağrı Bey and became the second ruler of the Great Seljuk State on April 27, 1064, replacing his uncle Tuğrul Bey, shaped the future of world history with his great success at the age of 42.

Sultan Alparslan, who changed the course of history with his victory on August 26, 1071, against the Byzantine army, which was 4 times larger than his army, started the process that facilitated the conquest of Anatolia, thanks to his success in a tactical war that will be talked about for centuries with his brave soldiers.

Sultan Alparslan, who opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks with his victory, went down in history.


Sultan Alparslan is the greatest ruler of Seljuk history.

The Byzantine army, which shaped the course of history with the results of the Battle of Manzikert, won by Sultan Alparslan, suffered a great defeat in this war.

Sultan Alparslan, who learned that the Byzantine Empire was on a campaign towards Anatolia, had to leave the Egypt expedition and return.

The Battle of Manzikert is a defensive war in which the Seljuks aimed to protect themselves against the Byzantines and protect the Islamic world. When Sultan Alparslan heard that Byzantium was on his way to his country, he returned from Aleppo and came to Ahlat. Byzantine Emperor Romanian Diogenes took Manzikert at this time. Sultan Alparslan left Ahlat with his soldiers and set out to meet the Byzantines. The pioneer unit he sent before defeated the unit, which is stated to consist of 30,000 soldiers in the sources sent by the Byzantine army. Considering all sources, it is possible to say that the army of Sultan Alparslan was 50-60 thousand soldiers. Considering the Byzantine army, this figure is estimated to be around 200,000. Sultan Alparslan encountered an army with 4 times the number of soldiers."

Sultan Alparslan reviewed his final preparations on Friday and after giving a touching sermon that motivated his soldiers in Friday prayer, he attacked the Byzantine army, this gesture showed how great a commander Alparslan was.


The first attack in the war was made by the Seljuks, the wolf trap and the crescent tactic ambushed the enemy and was used successfully in the Battle of Manzikert, before evening the Byzantine army was hit hard.

He is a commander who keeps Sultan Alparslan's war ethics at a high level. "Sultan Alparslan achieved a great victory in Manzikert and did not take the Byzantine emperor captive. Until then, Muslims had never captured a Byzantine emperor. For the first time, a Byzantine emperor, Romanian Diogenes, was captured by the Seljuks. Sultan Alparslan told the Byzantine emperor that he forgave him, He said that he would return him to his country. Sultan Alparslan has an agreement signed after this dialogue. There are heavy items here. There is a remarkable article in the agreement. The article 'The Seljuk sultan will send an auxiliary unit to the Seljuk sultan if he needs and requests it.' In a sense, the Seljuks, Manzikert "With the treaty, he made Byzantium an army that served him. The Byzantine Empire came under the yoke of the 30-40-year-old Seljuk State. The Byzantine emperor was dethroned and killed after he went to his country."

He opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks with the victory of Sultan Alparslan, who lost his life as a result of the assassination he was about to conquer Turkmenistan.


Standing against the Byzantines, who moved to the east with a large army to expel the Turks from the region, Sultan Alparslan achieved a victory that changed the course of history with his brave and brave soldiers.

The arrival of Sultan Alparslan, who was in Aleppo, from Aleppo to Ahlat in a short time increased the self-confidence of the people of the region. The pioneer unit of Sultan Alparslan captured the Byzantine holy pilgrim and his commander and sent them to the caliph in Baghdad. Sending the holy pilgrimage is an important issue. engagement.In Baghdad, the caliph made prayers for the Islamic army in the whole Islamic world of that day. The war started in Ahlat and ended in Manzikert. The most important feature of Sultan Alparslan is that he can act very quickly and make quick decisions. was a commander.

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