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Where is The Zulfiqar Sword?

by admin 24 May 2020

The Meaning and Secret of the Zulfiqar Sword! The meaning of Zulfiqar, known as the sword of the Islamic caliph, Hazrat Ali, and the story of the Zulfiqar sword full of secrets is in this article. Where is the Zulfiqar sword on display? The meaning of the zulfiqar necklace, we have searched for you the answer to the many questions you have in mind.

Zulfiqar sword
Hazrat Ali sword

Zulfiqar Sword Meaning

Prophet of Islam, Hz. Prophet Muhammad (s.a.v), son of his uncle and one of the Four Great Caliphs. Zülfiqar, which is the name given to Ali's two-headed sword in the form of a fork, consists of the words "zû" meaning "owner" and "fekār" meaning "spine, knuckle". It is the only known sword in the world when its shape is shown. It is believed that one end of this sword, which has two heads in the form of a fork, represents the scientific end and the other represents justice. There are many different narrations regarding the weight and length of the Zulfikar sword, but what we can say is that it is very different and special from other swords.

Ali ibn Abi Talib Sword

Zülfiqar Sword Story

There are 2 accepted rumors about the sword. One of them is Hz. It is that the sword was given to Ali by Gabriel. Zulfiqar Hz. The Prophet invited Ali to his house that night and gave this sword with his sheath. It heralds that it is a gift from God.

The second narration about the sword is that when Amrü bin Adüd, one of the enemy soldiers in the battle of Uhud, asked for an opponent who would oppose him in the war. The Prophet told Ali to oppose him by extending the zülfikar. It is said that this sword was passed down from the Egyptians as spoils of war to the prophet. It is narrated that for Hazrat Ali, who received 70 injuries from his body after the Prophet's tooth was broken in the war and said "Yetis Ali" and who defended the prophet until the last moment, Gabriel said "There is no brave other than the sword Ali". This phrase, which can be found in many places in Arabic, is as follows. "La fetta illa ali la seyfe illa Zülfiqar"

Where is the Zulfiqar Sword on Display?

Although the location of the sword is unknown, it is said that Hazrat Ali took him with the camel he took with him. According to another rumor, Hazrat Ali told his sons Imam Hasan and Huseyin to throw Zulfiqar into the sea from Najaf. Today, it coincides with the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

It is believed that Imam Mahdi, who is also the 12th Imam, will come to the world again and restore justice with this sword. Today, there is a special sword belonging to Hazrat Ali in Topkapı Palace, but this sword is not a fork-headed Zulfiqar, it is a straight sword.

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