Medieval Axes

Ax One of the tools that has been used for centuries to cut, carve, and shape wood is the ax. This device, also known as halberd, remains popular. The basic features of the halberds, which have many different forms, are the same. Basically they all consist of a head and...


One of the tools that has been used for centuries to cut, carve, and shape wood is the ax. This device, also known as halberd, remains popular. The basic features of the halberds, which have many different forms, are the same. Basically they all consist of a head and a stem. Axes fall under the category of simple machines. These simple machines, created using an inclined plane, have been used by humans for centuries. With the curved surfaces of the head, the amount of force required to cut wood is reduced. These tools are produced to have different head cuts according to their intended use. Although the ax is a standard ax on many people's minds when it is mentioned, there are many different types of halberds available. Stems of all types of halberd are similar to each other. These products are usually distinguished from each other by the different designs of the head parts. The design of the head parts determines the purpose of use of the ax. These products can be used for many different purposes, especially cutting and splitting. The structure of the axle handle determines the portability of the tool and the power to be applied to the tool. The earliest models of these products include a wooden handle and stones attached to this handle. These tools, which have been used for felling, pruning, cutting and chipping wood since their first appearance, have their own primal appeal. The heads of these tools, which have a unique appeal, are usually made of steel material. Depending on the use, some damage may occur to the cutter blade. The ax file is a tool used to repair damage to the cutting edge of the tool. You can repair the damaged area using this file. When using the file, the important thing is to find the right angle for the ax. Axes can be purchased for many different purposes. The halberd type, known as the cutting ax, is generally used for cutting wood and has a fine blade. Thanks to this design, the amount of friction is reduced and the maximum amount of force is applied to the surface. Axes are produced and sold by many different brands. At ottomanswords, you can find the product that suits your needs and make your shopping.

Use and Safety in Axes

Ax heads are typically made of steel. In the handle, steel and plastic materials, especially wood, can be used. The type of material and shank length used in these tools used in cutting, pruning, splitting and similar jobs determine the purpose of use of the tools. The wood material preferred in the handle part is one of the most preferred materials thanks to its power to absorb the impact. The wooden material used in wooden handled varieties among classical models has the ability to absorb even very strong impacts. Wooden ax handles can be changed easily. However, wood material can be damaged more easily than other materials. It is necessary to be very careful when using these products, also known as Teber. When cutting wood, you need to keep the wood you will cut in a stable and suitable way. For this process, if you are using the opposite foot of your hand, that is, if you are using your left hand, you must apply firm pressure on the wood with your right foot. In addition to these, you need to put another wood under the wood you will cut. Putting another wood under the wood you will cut makes the cutting process both safer and more efficient. During the cutting process, you should be careful not to hit the soil or stone. The soil causes the halberd to rust, and the stone causes the halberd to blunt. Before starting the cutting process, you should not be sure that you have taken all the safety precautions. One of the important issues that you should not ignore when cutting wood with a bench is that you cannot cut wood by hitting a wood standing in a horizontal position vertically. Therefore, you need to do the cutting process with halberd from one left to the right in positions where the wood will make 45 degrees. Tabers are simple machines created with the help of an inclined plane. Therefore, the basic logic of simple machines is also valid in halberds. In other words, the place you hold the handle of the halberd affects the control of the tool, the force spent and the hardness of the stroke. The smaller the distance between the handle of the instrument and the head, the more control you have over the halberd. However, the closer you hold the handle of the tool and the head, the harder it will be to make an effective hit. In the same direction, the greater the distance between the place where you hold the stem of the halberd and the head, the more effective your strike becomes. The further away you hold the handle from the head, the less control you have over the ax. You can also check out other users' suggestions before completing your purchase. When taking an ax recommendation, you must first determine your intended use of the product. After determining the purpose of use, you can start using the product by taking the necessary security measures. In Ottomanswords, you can list the types of ax suitable for your use.

Ax Types and Product Care

Consisting of a handle and a head basically, the ax, also known as halberd, has a wide range of uses. These products, which have a wide area of ​​use, are also very easy to use. Unlike other products, camping axes are produced from high carbon steel. The number of brands that produce teber is also quite high. Among these brands, there are also brands that use laminated steel in their camping axes. However, high carbon steel is mostly preferred in halberd varieties. High carbon steel is the only type of steel that can be forged. This type of steel has high sharpness and its rim structure is highly resistant to impacts. Therefore, it is frequently used by the manufacturers and thus manages to gain the appreciation of the users. The disadvantage of this type of steel is that it is prone to corrosion. The product containing high carbon steel should be maintained after each use. The product should be oiled with grease after each use, after wiping with a dry cloth. If you cannot find grease oil, you can use a mixture of olive oil and beeswax instead of this oil. You can easily use the same mixture for halberd stalk. This maintenance you will do after each use helps to extend the life of the product. Splitting ax is another type of ax. The intended use of this product is to break down tree trunks or cut wood stumps. The head structure of these products is heavier than other products in order to perform the splitting process in the most efficient way. This type of halberd breaks the log with its heavy head structure. Although this weight may vary from product to product, the weight of products produced for splitting generally varies between 2 kg and 5 kg. The halberds produced for the cutting process, on the other hand, have a sharp head structure as a standard. Products produced for splitting have a thicker and wider structure as head design. With the wide design of these products, you can cut the wood fibers without cutting them. It is not recommended to use the halberds produced specifically for splitting, as they have the ability to split wood fibers without cutting them. You can view the types of halberd produced specifically for the transactions you are looking for in Ottomanswords.

Detailed Ax Features and Usage Suggestions

When choosing between the types of ax, also known as Teber, you need to consider some factors. The first is for what purpose you will use the product. Taber varieties are distinguished from each other according to their head shapes. Head shapes are the main feature that makes halberds different from each other. According to this feature, halberds can be used in cutting, splitting, splitting and shaping processes. You can use the cutting halberd in wood cutting, for use in jobs such as building shelters or burning fires. This product has a conical head, a thin and sharp tip. Since the product has a very flexible structure, it can be easily thrown without requiring much power. This product, which can cut even the hardest bark, is usually produced around 1.5 kg in weight. Products used for splitting have a wider profile than products used for cutting. It is not possible to perform deep cutting with these products due to their wide profile. However, the mouth structure of these products is ideal for dividing a tree into two. These products have a flat head structure like a wedge and some experience is required to use them. It is not suitable for use by novice users. The back of these products is wide; holding part has a straight structure. Heads are quite heavy and holding the product can be quite difficult for novice users. It can split logs along its fibers, as it is suitable for short strokes. The chopping ax is ideal for use in woodworking and carpentry. You can achieve efficient results by using this product in small construction works inside or outside your home. These products are designed especially for homeowners, builders and homeowners and present to the user. In Ottomanswords, you can make your shopping by purchasing products suitable for your purpose.

Size Differences According to Ax Types

The ax is one of the tools that have been used for many different purposes for centuries. Its usage area is quite wide and its usage can serve many different purposes. These tools; It is frequently used in outdoor outdoor sports such as camping and trekking. These products differ according to the stem parts they have. One of the important parts of the ax is the handle part and these tools are divided into different categories according to the length of the handle. Pocket sized tools are the smallest in size. These products have approximately 30 cm of stalk and a weight of 50 grams. Pocket size products have a strong and robust structure that can cut logs of approximately 15 cm into two. It is a good tool for cutting firewood that will be used to light a fire during camping sports. Thanks to its strong structure and easy transportation, it is one of the frequently preferred options among outdoor ax types. If you are looking for a portable halberd type, pocket-sized products are the ideal choice for you. The types of halberds produced as hand axes are larger in size. The stem part of these products is approximately 45 cm. This type of halberd, which can be used with one hand and has functional features, has a weight of approximately 600 grams. This product can be used for cutting or slitting, depending on your choice of a wide variety of models. The tree branch ax belongs to the medium size halberd category with its 60 cm stem length and 1 kg weight. Ideal for cutting tree branches, this product can handle the seemingly difficult tree branch cleaning task with its 1 kg weight. In ottomanswords, you can find a variety of ax types to meet your needs.

Importance of Neck Material

All types of halberd basically consist of a head and a stem. Head part is generally produced using steel material. More than one material is used in the production of the stem. Models used for the cutting process are considered to be tall or medium. This tool has a weight of about 1.5 kg and a handle length of 80 cm. A double-edged or double-edged ax can also be used for this process. You can cut tree branches or logs using these tools. The type of material used in the stalk is as important as the weight and stem length of the bean. Tools with handles made of wooden material have a very robust structure. In addition, wooden handled tools absorb the vibration that occurs on the tool when you hit it somewhere. In case of any problem in the handle of the wooden handle, you can easily replace the damaged handle with a new wooden handle. The biggest disadvantage of wooden handled tools is that the wood material is easily damaged. The ax can also have a plastic handle. Reinforced plastic is used in the handle of these tools. In this way, the tool has a lighter structure than other products using wood material. However, it is difficult to change the handle of these tools. In addition, instruments with plastic handles are also damaged by chemicals. Metal handle models are produced to have a very robust structure. Models with metal handles that are not easily damaged are very heavy due to the metal material used in their construction. Since they are very heavy, they create balance problems for the user during use. One of the disadvantages of models with metal handles is that the handle part does not change. In Ottoman Swords, you can find the ax with the handle material you are looking for according to your needs.

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