Turkish Archery

Traditional Archery is the archery class that forms the history of archery. In history, it has been nourished by a knowledge that is blended with different cultures, different geographies, past experiences and available opportunities. Traditional archery equipment has developed differently in each culture that has gone through these processes. Traditional bows and arrows are among the traditional archery equipment. Other traditional archery equipment can be specified as athlete accessories.

What Are Traditional Turkish Archery Equipment?

Traditional archery equipment briefly;
1- Traditional bow
2- Traditional arrow
3- Traditional bow string rope, hank
4- Traditional arrow bag tirkeş and traditional bow bag quiver
5- Traditional archery gloves
6- Traditional archery rail, namely zihgir
7- Traditional arm protection
8- traditional archery clothes
can be counted as At the same time, puta and puta stand, which are used as traditional archery target boards, are also important materials in traditional archery. In addition to these, products such as vest, temren, travel and glue used in traditional arrow making also have an important place in traditional archery materials.

Traditional Archery Equipment Prices

Traditional archery equipment prices range in size to appeal to a wide variety of budgets. While it is quite a lot in products where the historical texture is preserved exactly, as can be expected, products with a quality similar to that of historical original products with more accessible materials are more affordable today. In productions where handwork is intense, the price of the product can show parallelism. Especially in traditional bow prices, it may vary depending on the type of bow, the material used in its construction, the production process, the master who made the bow, that is, the violinist.

Considerations When Buying Traditional Archery Equipment

There are a few points to consider when buying traditional archery equipment. The first of these is for what purpose the materials to be taken will be taken
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